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Difference between Egbe Orun appeasement and initiation

Difference between Egbe Orun appeasement and initiation 

Egbe Orun appeasement is when you prepare a little items to beg the Egbe Orun so that they may give you some time to look around for money and do the necessary rites and rituals.

This appeasement is what is always done by Alfa and all Muslims clerics and the same goes for church pastors especially white garment church. 

The appease the Egbe Orun so that they may allow you to see road enjoy life. 

This appeasement would buy you time, may be few months to two years. 

During this time, your Egbe Orun would not disturb you, they leave you alone and after the time is elapsed, they come back into your life disturbing you again to so the necessary rites and rituals. 

This is why some people would say, I have done Egbe Orun more than 3 times and it doesn't change anything. This is because all they do is appease your Egbe Orun   .

The Egbe Orun initiation is when you called the Egbe Orun and ask them what they want, you give them what they want and they welcome you back into their midst and things continue to go better for you. You start seeing them in your dream and in reality. They are there for you and you guys grow together. Initiation has no expiration, once you do it ,you don't need to redo it again. 

So if your Egbe Orun are disturbing you after whatever you have done, just know that what you did was appeasement  .

You need correct Babalawo like AJE NLA to do the initiation for you. 

I would guide you on how to talk to them, both in reality and in dream, I would guide you on how to go into meetings and do all sort of wonderful thing they do. 

Don't do Egbe Orun with people who has little to no knowledge about it. 

Some Babalawo too has little knowledge about it. 

I remember last week when someone came from osun to do Egbe Orun, I summoned her Egbe Orun and they tell me what they want and I do it for this woman. 

Ever since have been guiding her on how to explore that new found family and friends. 

They are teaching her herbs and medicine now, she knows what to do in any situation. 

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