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Do they need any part of my wife for my IFA initiation?

Do they need any part of my wife for my IFA initiation? 

I have heard a lot of stories like this, that if you want to do IFA initiation you have to bring your wife and they would cut her hair from her private part or from her head. 

See, all those people doing this rubbish are not a Babalawo, and what they are doing for you is not IFA initiation. 

IFA is a personal journey through life, everyone would do his IFA anytime and one person doing IFA has nothing to do with any other person be it wife or children. 

Your wife or family can be there to witness and feed their eyes during your IFA initiation, they can be there to give you emotional support. 

But no single part of their body would be used for your IFA initiation. 

IFA initiation doesn't involve human part or body, all materials and ingredients are animals, trees and herbs , fruits and nothing more. 

If any Babalawo want to do IFA initiation for you and they requested your wife or children, just know that they are doing money ritual for you. 

Run for your Life.

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