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Don't offend a witch (IYAAMI ELEYE)

Don't offend a witch (IYAAMI ELEYE)

There is no way you would leave in this works without offending a witch,  IYAAMI ELEYE. 

you promised a girl to marry and you slept with her and Dump her, you have offended a witch. 

You see a boy that us due for promotion and you decided to sell his promotion to a woman because you slept with her, you have offended a witches son. 

You interfere in a natter that gas nothing to do with you, you have offended a witch. 

And our crimes are so long that we can't do without offending them. 

It's now based on how big the offence that would determine the retribution. 

Some may require sacrifice, some may require an eye for an eye and so on. 

Don't offend a witch and live a happy life. 

Make retribution so that life would be easy for you. 

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