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Don't play or Dare a Babalawo

Don't play or Dare a Babalawo

Many think Babalawo are powerless, they think they can go to mosque or church after offending a Babalawo to seek refuge. 

Well ,no power on earth can save you if you haven't settle your score with the Babalawo you offended.

You may think you are free but you are not. 

Babalawo are not Babalawo, don't add problems to your problem. 

Once you go and meet a Babalawo for solution to your problem, don't play smart on the Babalawo because you don't know the Orisa living within him. 

Only fake Babalawo don't have Orisa living within him. 

A word is enough for the wise. 

Someone daring a Babalawo thinking he is going to be saved by another religion or someone , it's just foolishness. 

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