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Effects of Mobile phone on IFA divination

Effects of Mobile phone on IFA divination


Whether you admit or not, your mobile phone affects your IFA readings. 

Hence that is why Babalawo wears native wears that doesn't have metals so as not to alter the readings and make it more accurate. 

Here I want to emphasizes on mobile phone. 

Mobile phone generate low radio radiation which is energy on its own, IFA divination deals with cosmic energy from the universe. 

Having a cell phone on you during IFA divination might alter your IFA readings because of the phone radiation. 

If you as a Babalawo can believe that a metal can affects the readings and that is why most Babalawo wear native cloth that is natural and has no metal, why is it hard to believe that mobile phones which emits radiation than metal can affects your IFA readings and divination. 

You can do your research and confirm but I am always here to give insight to details. 

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