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Egbe Orun - The first heaven

Egbe Orun - The first heaven 

Have seen people talk about heaven as if it's a big deal. 

Heaven is not a big deal and as a matter if Fact there are many heavens. 

Heaven is a place we visit every night when we sleep. It's not a place you wait till you die before going, and it's not a place you go when you die 

If you can't experience heaven now, how would you know you are in heaven when you die?  

The first heaven out of hundreds of heaven is Egbe Orun  . Egbe Orun is the first heaven. 

When you sleep at night, you always go there to do meetings and other things which OLODUMARE instruct you to do. 

If you have not done your Egbe Orun initiation, you will not be allowed to browse, to enter the heaven and explore. 

You would only be seeing your Egbe Orun members and you can't and they won't allow you to enter  .

To enter and participate, to explore and Starr your spiritual journey, you need to do your Egbe Orun initiation. 

Your Egbe Orun wants you to explore and enjoy this experience while on earth but your Pastor and imam are not allowing it with their false teaching and Brain washing. 

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