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Facts about IFA

Facts about IFA 
Some do not what Ifa is especially those who practice other religions ( Christianity and Islam especially).

Their perspective on Ifa is not good as they think Ifa is not from God.

I have had different experiences of this from the Christianity and Islam followers which portray a bad image on Ifa.

Below are the 10 basic facts you should know about Ifa.

1: Ifa is the divine message of Olodumare (Almighty) to man-kind.

2: Ifa is the word of of Olodumare.

3: Ifa explains the basis for the existence of all things past, present and future.

4: Ifa transcends all the creatures and traditions of all things - man , animals, plants, rocks, wind and fire.

5: Ifa prescribes the spiritual/physical solution to all problems.

6: Ifa is the first, oldest and truest religion of mankind.

7: Orunmila, harbinger of the divine message of Olodumare (Ifa) is thus the first and truest Guardian of the universal secretes of existence.

8: Orunmila, in all things spiritual and esoteric is the deputy of Olodumare.

9: All Orisa worship and veneration are acceptable provided they are subservient to worship of Olodumare as outlined by Ifa religion.

10: No guidelines or signposts to salvation can lead to the path of divine truth except outlined by Orunmila.

Culled from: Orunmila ( African traditional magazine. 2000).

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