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Hearing bell and it's solution

Hearing bell and it's solution 

Few people hear the sound of bells but don't know it's meaning. Many have been laid to believe it is time for their ministerial work or they have been called by God to do his ministry as a pastors or Pastor Mrs. 

I am here to tell you that it is not always so. 

The bell you are hearing are not a call for you to be a pastor or prophet. If God want to call you, he doesn't use bell always. 

There are many ways in which God uses to call people but am not here to talk about them.

Hearing bell means it is time for you to accept, it is time to rejoin your Egbe Orun, it means it is time to ascend spiritual power. 

The only way out and solution is to do the necessary rites and rituals in order to ascend, to attain that power. 

I have seen many people locked up in church for days especially white garment church. 

Just do your Egbe Orun initiation and your Egbe Orun would take it up from there and guide you about it. 

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