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How many Egbe Orun do we have? AJE NLA Answered a question

How many Egbe Orun do we have? AJE NLA Answered a question 

I have seen a lot of write up where it is mentioned that we have this type and kind of Egbe Orun, and they listed them. 

In fact this are few out of what has been said online

Eleriko or olumomi, 
jagun or jagunjagun, 
Alesinloye and amori apa e

But the truth is that there are many Egbe Orun and the above list is what they want you to know. 

There are not less than 200 Egbe Orun, a minimum of 200 Egbe Orun is what we have. 

The above list is what people know off, it is only a true Babalawo who would know which Egbe Orun you belong. 

Egbe Orun are so numerous that books can't unveiled their secrets and they want to keep it that way. 

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