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How time affects IFA divination

How time affects IFA divination 

Every Babalawo is initiated into IFA corpus. 

They knew that Babalawo don't do IFA consultation at certain time of the day, talking about from 6pm downward. 

From 6pm downward, there is no divination for any Babalawo. According to instruction laid down from generations to generations. 

I think I heard of read a myth on why Babalawo don't consult IFA at night but I can't remember what the myth is all about. 

Am here to tell you that as a Babalawo, you are iNitiated into IFA giving access to consult IFA at some certain time of the day. 

This is because portal to other world of existence are always open to you to make request as a Babalawo and this portal are closed at some time of the day. 

Hence why you can't make consultation at night. 

At night the portals are closed and your readings might not be accurate. 

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