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How to bury placenta in Yoruba

How to bury placenta in Yoruba 

Placenta are used for many evil deeds and you need to protect the glory and life of the new born baby. 

This is one of the many reasons why we bury placenta. 

This is not a difficult task at all. To bury placenta, you need to look for a save place only known to you alone. 

You would need a hoe to dig a hole in the ground, big enough to contain the black pot which contain the placenta. 

After digging the hole, pour water in the hole, after pouring water put a new white cloth on the floor before putting the placenta pot inside.

In most cases, you wrap the placenta pot with a white cloth instead of putting the white cloth on the floor of the dig hole. 

After putting the placenta pot covered with white cloth on the hole, covered it. 

After covering it, pour a little water on top of the soil and go. 

Make sure nobody is there when you are doing it. 

If you need me to send a voice note explaining it to you, contact me. 

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