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How to know if someone is using Evil Spirit on You

How to know if someone is using Evil Spirit on You

This is an article for you to know if someone somewhere is using Evil Spirit to torment your life, I don't know why people are so wicked. 

Most of my article are from my personal experience in Life and I have decided to put it out as a guide to some people. 

The following are the signs you will observe if someone is using Evil Spirit on you. 

Forgetting things - If you are forgetting things which is not normal,  the way you are forgetting things this days is out of ordinary and you begin to ask what is wrong with you. 

Well, this is one of the sign that someone somewhere is using Evil Spirit on you because if you are not strong enough and you keep forgetting things,  sooner of later you might run mad,  sooner or later you will forget your name, sooner or later you will forget everything and you will not know that you have forgotten the real you,  as a matter of fact you will not be able to differentiate between your real life and your imagination. 

And you will begin to say,  I used to be brilliant,  I used to do this before, everything about you will turn to history,  while you struggle to remember, you loose it to insanity. 

Extra pressure / no Peace of Mind
The second sign to know if someone is using Evil Spirit on you is that you will feel some sort of pressure on you, it would be as if something is pressing you down and as a result of this pressure,  you will begin to loose your mind. 

This pressure will not allow you to have a peace of Mind, your mind will not be setled, because your mind is not settle, you will be doing the wrong thing all the time. 

You will be like I want to do this but at the end you did absolutely rubbish and you are blaming yourself or even cursing God. 

The truth is someone somewhere is using Evil Spirit on you and you have to stop it. 

Owing debts - As a result of the above mentioned and things not working out for you,  you will owe a lots of debts and so many people will also owe you money with no one trying to pay back their debt. 

Death - This is what will be coming to your mind as life would becoms unbearable for you. Sometimes you will hearing a voice that you should kill yourself and sometimes it would look as if something is pushing you to kill yourself. 

In fact it would be as if that is ghetto best and only option for you. 

But am telling you that if you are experiencing what happened above, someone somewhere is using Evil Spirit and power over you. 

AM AJE NLA,  I would do consultation for you to know the way out of this problem and on how to overcome them. 

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