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How to make you Pastoral business boom

How to make you Pastoral business boom

To make your pastoral business boom, there are some things you need to do. 

You need to understand the spiritual principles, you don't interfere into what doesn't concern you. And so other principles.. 

You need to belong to be initiated into IFA. Those who are called to be a pastor are extremely small and their percentage are not to to 2 in Nigeria. (Majority of Pastors in Nigeria including the famous pastors are not called, only 2% of Nigeria pastors are called by OLODUMARE)  while others are doing the Job for their pocket. 

Those who are called are initiated by OLODUMARE in order to have access to unlimited powers. And those who are not called need to doing their initiation themselves. 

Don't go into a dark cult to do initiation because that us what must pastors do, they acquire wealth faster while the church members pays directly or indirectly. 

Feed Orisa for wealth so that your church business can boom. AJE is the Orisa for wealth, you need to feed it for you to enjoy your church business. 

I can talk more than this. Thank you. 

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