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IFA BIBO is for those who have been initiated into IFA. 

After your IFA initiation, you would have your own IFA. 

You can with go home with your IFA or leave your IFA with the Babalawo. 

If you go home with your IFA, every morning you will praise your IFA and pray with it. 

You will feed your IFA at least once a month so that IFA would make way for you. 
Once you are doing this, you are doing IFA BIBO. 

You care for your IFA, you clean it and make it beautiful. 

If your IFA is with your Babalawo, you would have to be making payment to the Babalawo so that he can be taken care of your IFA for you. 

If you are not yet initiated into IFA, there is no IFA BIBO for you. 

What we use to do IFA BIBO is not something expensive, all I can say is that it involve elders drink like Him and some other stuff. 

Each IFA have their own materials and items used in feeding them. 

After your initiation, you would be told what to used to feed your IFA and it's taboo. 

Thank you. 

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