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IRUNMOLE as protector of Human race

As Protector

The Irunmole in this case act as protector for Omo eniyan (human beings).

 They are always on hand to protect us any time we call on them. 

As long as we are following the the tenets and precepts handed to us by these Irunmole, we are sure of their armour of protection whenever the need arises.

There are several situations in Ifa where Orunmila had protected his children and followers from the hand of death and other negativities. In a stanza of Ogbe Alara (Ogbe-Otura), Orunmila had to bring all his family into the sanctuary of longevity so that they can live long in life.

In a stanza of Ogunda Bede (Ogunda-Ogbe), Ifa says that nobody can inflict harm on any child of Irunmole provided that such child has fulfilled his/her own part by following their teachings. 

They (Irunmole) are ready to combat whoever dares to harm their children.
Ifa makes it clear that the Irunmole are capable of giving surest protection to defenseless people when danger of death, affliction, altercation and loss approaches. 

The words Awimologbon-he who teaches wisdom and understanding; and Ope asinla, the holy palm tree which guarantees salvation are both praise names of Orunmila.

Also, in Olosun Nwoye (Irosun-Iwori), Ifa assures us of the protection of Orunmila against all the vagaries of life.

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