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This is the divination powder usually extracted form a particular tree. 

The name "Iyerosun" is actually Ìyè (powder ) Ìrosùn ( ìrosùn tree), meaning that iyerosun is the powder  derived from irosun tree. It is the wood dust made by termites form the irosun tree.

Sometimes, Èlùbo (Yam powder)  is used in place of iyerosun. 

 This is however not common in practice.

Iyerosun is sprinkled on the Opon- Ifa (Divination tray) and scattered on its face to imprint the Odu Ifa.


The position of iyerosun in Ifa is such that ikin cannot be used for consultation in the absence of this powder.

By implication, the most sacred aspect of Ifa cannot be carried out without the use of iyerosun. I'm ogbe- irete,  Ifa tells us what led to the situation where iyerosun choose never to part with Ifa forever.

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