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Mood swing in ladies and the spiritual solutions

Mood swing in ladies and the spiritual solutions 

Have you ever date a girl who always have mood swings? 

She would be happy in the morning and later in the afternoon sad, sad for no reasons. 

In a minutes she is happy and at some point within a seconds she started acting weird. 

In situations like this, if you are a lady you need to do your Egbe Orun. 

If you do your Egbe Orun initiation, the mood swing will reduce and later go. 

What causes the mood swing is because of what happened in your Egbe Orun, when your Egbe Orun make a decision that you are not happy about or when there is a bad news in your Egbe Orun. 

If you haven't done your Egbe Orun, you will not know what causes the mood swing because you won't know the cause of the mold swing it or how to place it. 

Unknown for you, you are in Egbe Orun, you are active but you don't know. Your Egbe Orun communicate with you and you don't know. The moment they give you information, your mood change. 

Who knows, you might be fined for not doing your initiation and the time they gave you have elapsed, you might be fined for not paying your monthly dues, and many more reasons. 

The first step to solving mood swing is to do your Egbe Orun initiation and the second thing to do is to stay active in Egbe Orun. 

Mood swings doesn't only apply to ladies, it affects men too but men try to cope well or accept the unknown while ladies are always emotional and it shows more on them

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