Saturday, November 11, 2023

No marriage for you if you haven't done Egbe Orun initiation

No marriage for you if you haven't done Egbe Orun initiation 

Some Egbe Orun are so strict with their rules and regulations such that if you have not done your Egbe Orun initiation, you cannot see a man to marry. 

And If you try to marry any man or tried and get married, they would make sure the marriage doesn't last. 

Even if you try to sustain the marriage by enduring it, they would withheld the children. 

If this issue happens, you have to be initiated into Egbe Orun  .

It is their rules and regulations that any member must be initiated before marriage on earth. 

And you happen to be a member, hence the reason why no man wants to marry you.

Everyone thinks you are a witch. 😂 

Just do your initiation with Egbe Orun and let your favour cones to you. 

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