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In the Odu (Ogbe- irete), Ifa explained that Ìyè was looking for an ideal spouse.

 She first went to Àkùko (Rooster) who was jobless man who always scattered iye about with his legs.

 Iye later left Akuko and she married Odidere (parrot) who proved to be a gossip and a flippant person.

 No secret can be kept with Odidere.

 Iye abandoned Odidere again and married to Aroni. 

Aroni was fond of borrowing things about, including the part of his body. 

She left. Then she finally married Ifa. 

The relationship proved very rewarding to the extent that iye and Ifa became inseparable.

 It must however be noted that when Ifa says that iye got married to Ifa, it does not necessarily mean a man- woman relationship but rather a special spiritual and ritual relationship.

That is how according to Ogbe- irete iyerosun became an important instrument in Ifa.

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