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Oke Iponri is the first sixteen seeds set of ikin given at isefa , to whoever is introduced to IFA, is called OKE IPONRI.

 it can be stored in a white covered plates wrapped in a white cloth and kept in a house and worshipped.

The sixteen seeds of ikin plus either two or more ikins, given to anyone who is going to or want to become a member of IFA family and the ikin can be worshipped as oke iponri.

 There is usually a simple ceremony done before oke iponri is given , which is usually not elaborated one , and later oluwo or babalawo will present the ikin in a white cover plates which must be wrapped with a white plain cloth.

The ikin will allow the newly coverted individual into IFA sect, the greatest opportunity of setting a place of worship for himself , or herself , and where there is a need to offer sacrifice to IFA , and Oru , he wil offer it to his oke iponri at home. 

After a few years of  learning from his ifa priest, this object of worship with sixteen or few more than sixteen  after consecrated by an experienced babalawo is called Oke iponri

Through these objects, a message can be sent to attract the spirit of IFA and bring the power of ifa into actuality.

 It is the power that balances Ori with the force of IFA and aids ones to success in life.

It is the taking the spirit of IFA through the physical manifestation of IKIN- joining ones destiny with the spirit of IFA. 

A sixteen set of IKIN is giving to such individual after consecrating for the purpose of Ori alone.

Then a prayer can be made to connect Ori with OLODUMARE through his divinity - IFA and such individual will enjoy the support of OLODUMARE and IFA without delay.

Oke Iponri is also the object of worship with sixteen set of ikin , consecrated by IFA priest given to a newly converted IFA devotee or omo awo , at isefa and become the object of personal worship at home after thorough ifa  learning.

This set of ikin can be augmented with another set of ikin depending on the state of ikin , at hand , the second hand is also needed few and small ceremony before it can be added together. 

To prepared ikin , all you need is EKO , solid pap , marched to form a thorough liquid state and mixed it with ikin  for some hours or a day , later the seeds are added with palm oil with gin , with small flesh of rat , fish , bird and other animal , which varies from city to city , and kept for about three days. 

After , they are taken out and cleansed with a white cloth , then they are stored in a white covered plate which can be taken home to be worshipped as symbol of ifa , and they are first set of sixteen ikins given out as oke iponri.

All these ceremonies are done by babalawo who is very versed in ifa with prayer, said to the new initiate kneeling down stretch his hand to receive his first set of ikin .

 Some people make an elaborate ceremony when giving out oke iponri . The babalawo must first use this ikin , to divine and determine the first odu in the life of the new initiates, most especially , the initiates must provide opon ifa to cast the ikin , which will be part of the ifa materials to be taken home, with the ikin inside the white cloth wrapped in a white cloth.

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