Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Oneness with Egbe Orun - Egbe Orun can hear your thoughts

Oneness with Egbe Orun - Egbe Orun can hear your thoughts 

I am not a founder of Egbe Orun but I can say with my whole mouth that I know a lot about Egbe Orun than any man or woman on earth, this is not pride.  It's because am an active member of Egbe Orun and I know a lot about it and have written a well documented facts about my experience about Egbe Orun. 

I don't just do the Egbe Orun initiation for anyone, I involve people and engage them on how to grow spiritually in Egbe Orun. 

I tell them what to do and when to do. 

This post is about you and your Egbe Orun. If you don't know I want to tell you that you and your Egbe Orun are one. 

You and your Egbe Orun share the same minds and soul which means that they listen to all of your thoughts and they inspire some of your decisions, they give you insights via thoughts. 

Some of us are giving credit to one angel for inspiration and all sort of knowledge. The truth is that because you share one mind with them, information can flow from you to them and from them to you. 

You can have a mind discussion with your Egbe Orun.. 

If you need guidance, I can be your spiritual guidance 

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