Monday, November 13, 2023

Orisa that live within you as a Babalawo

Orisa that live within you as a Babalawo 

If you are a Babalawo and you don't know that an Orisa lives within you. 

Well am here to tell you that an Orisa lives within you. 

Now that you know that an Orisa lives within you. 

This Orisa is the reason why your spiritual work is always done, the Orisa within you communicate with other Orisa on your behalf. 

This Orisa holds the Ase on your behalf. 

And it is your duty to feed this Orisa has a Babalawo  .

Failure to feed this Orisa may lead to the Orisa leaving your body because it lives within you. 

Many Babalawo don't have this Orisa be wise they didn't walk the right path. 

And those that have this Orisa doesn't want to talk about it just I wouldn't want to discuss further. 

Walk the path of our ancestors and be an Orisa. 

That is the essence of Life 

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