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Party food that would get you in spiritual problem

Parry food that would get you in spiritual problem 

While some of us like to party, most people like to go to party they are not invited. 

With the current hardship in this country, many people are going to party then are not invited because they are looking for what to eat. 

Meanwhile most party organizers are into something else, the served food which are sacrificed in disguise. 

In this cases who would notice that the organizers didn't eat or chose a preference of food to eat. 

Example of such ritual party food is ASARO. Porridge, yam porridge 

If you attend a party and they give you the above food, just know that you are a sacrifice to something. 

In the olden days, Porridge is used to make sacrifice and they are sacrificial food, but this days many people don't know about it and we don't really count anything serious but we start running up and down when things are not going well. 

You have been used via the food you eat. 

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