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Seeing someone dead in your dream and Solutions

Seeing someone dead in your dream and Solutions 

Many times we see someone who we know and have passed on to the world beyond.  

Many people are yet to find the answer to this riddles but am here to tell you a small options. 

There are many reasons why we may see who is dead. 

First of all I would like to ask, what is your relationship with the the person that is dead that you are seeing?

If the dead person is your family, for instance we would ask if the dead person is your dad, mum, siblings. 

If the the person is related to you like family as above, then the content or what they are saying matters a lot. 

In most cases our loved ones who are dead are always there to give us solution to our problems, they act as guarding angels or some sort. 

If the dead person you are talking with is not related to you in any way, then be prepared to buy coffin because you are going to die. 

Either way, you need someone to interpret and tell you what is really happening and the way out.  Thank you

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