Sleeping with your leg on the wall doesn't make you a witch

Sleeping with your leg on the wall doesn't make you a witch

I have had tales that any woman that puts her leg on the wall is a witch this and that. 

Well am telling you,  it's not always true. 

When I first do my egbe orun initiation,  my sleeping position are awkward. 

I use to sleep with me facing up with my leg bent, no matter how I tried I always find myself in this position, and it's awkward. 

Anytime I wake up,  am always having leg pains, and I grew out of it. I no longer sleep in that position anymore. 

If you are a woman sleeping with your leg on the war or a man sleeping with your leg on the wall,  it means you belong to one heavenly group or Family. 

The next thing to do is your initiation. I can do the initiation for you and I would ask your spiritual friends what they want before doing the rituals and initiation. 

After your initiation, wait for like 3 month and see if your sleeping position would change,  if it doesn't change It would reduced to once a while. 

 It's not because you are no more going to meetings but it's because they will train you on how to come to meeting without putting your leg on the wall. 

Putting your leg on the wall while sleeping is not bad, just that people will think of it as something else hence you need to grow. 

Everyone has their own sleeping position when traveling to the other world for meetings or whatever. 

You just need to train your self so that you would sleep like a normal people that is all. 

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