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Spiritual Godfatherism

Spiritual Godfatherism 

There was a Time I was born and lived in the Mountains, there was a Time I was born and live in The cave. 

This time of my Life, I was born in Nigeria. 

Am not your spiritual God father but I can guide you on how to grow spiritually and also tell you what to do to solve your problem based on IFA. 

People are looking for who to fast and carry their burden while they go about their life doing evil or all sort of crimes, believing that they have a Godfather who will prevent evil from coming to them despite their evil. 

What you don't understand is that, you alone will pay for your crime and those who claim to be covering you with all sort of power are all liars. 

No Pastor has any power of coverage over anyone, it's not MTN network, spiritual matters is not something to sell, it's individual development, individual growth. 

If you want spiritual growth, then seek the path. Believing that one prophet is praying for you is a shaamboo. They are just eating your money and nothing more. 

Be wise. 

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