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The roles of IRUNMOLE as Teachers

As Teachers

The Irunmole act as teachers to Omo eniyan virtually in all ramifications of life. 

They teach humans how to do everything that man needs to do in terms of economical, social, medical, spiritual and technological, know-how and the proper way of life. 

Laws that guide the activities of man were also taught and explained by the Irunmole. 

It is now the duty of man to follow the ways and virtues extolled by these Irunmole in order to live in a world of peace.

The Irunmole taught the early omo eniyan the importance of respect for one another and even for a constituted authority.

 Once respect is given and reciprocated, then peaceful co-habitation is achieved. In a stanza of Irosun Ega (Irosun-Obara), Orunmila, the premier prophet was going to the ancient land of Ile-Ife called 'Otu Ife' in order to teach the people of Ile Ife good character, etiquette and also to transmit various forms of knowledge including business strategy and methods.

In a stanza of Ogbe yonu (Ogbe-Ogunda), the Irunmole also teach us to imbibe the virtues of patience and never to be in haste.

 Hastiness in life will bring nothing but regrets later if not immediately.
Another stanza in Ogbe Yonu teaches us more about the virtues of patience as the symbol of good character. 

Character is like a smoke that cannot be covered for too long without finding a way of coming out. With good character (patience), one is bound to enjoy all good things of life.

Good character also means eschew of violence, anger, wickedness, malice and hatred. 

The Irunmole were always using the sacred scriptures of Ifa to teach and instill good character in human beings. 

They also made us understand the profits/rewards of good character and the possible consequences of bad character.

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