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The theory and philosophy of forgiveness

The philosophy of forgiveness 

When you forgive someone, you remove yourself from the string of bond that bond you with the person. 

You free yourself from the burden and the consequences of not forgiven and by doing this, you become free and your soul is happy. 

Practicing forgiveness is a high spirituality and it's only a fee people who has reached that height. 

Many people only try to forgive because their holy book talks about it .

The consequence of not forgiven someone  is higher than the crime committed sometimes because it delayed the person who did the offence and the person who failed to forgive, it tie them down.

This tie make it uneasy for them to move spiritually has it become a bigger burden as time goes on and that is why you need to let go at an instance so that it would not create a bigger problem someday. 

Till now, nobody can explain why we need to forgive, that thought because it is a law but they can not tell what law or how it is done. 

Am AJE NLA, This is a teaching from another realm. 

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