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The Uses of Bell in Egbe Orun - AJE NLA

The Uses of Bell in Egbe Orun 

Bell are used in Egbe Orun to call for meetings. 

If you are wandering where the church get the idea of using a bell. This is where the stole the idea of using a bell.

Most churches ring the bell 3 times before they start any program. 

The same way it is done in Egbe Orun. 

Once it is time for meeting, they gate keeper would ring the bell and all the member of the Egbe Orun would hear the bell, and after hearing the bell. 

All member would start to feel dizzy, they would be felling like sleeping and they would eventually fall asleep. 

Some people don't hear the bell but they can't explain why they always feel like sleeping at some certain time of the day. 

If you are one of those, you are being called for a meeting in Egbe Orun. 

Some people would he the bell continuously and they think God is calling them to become a pastor, it's your Egbe Orun calling your attention to something, calling you to awake from slumber and be awoken to your purpose on earth. 

If you want to know more about Egbe Orun, or you need guidance on Egbe Orun. 

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