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Transferring your dream into reality - Removing the blockage

Transferring your dream into reality - Removing the blockage 

There was a time in my Life that I enjoyed sleeping, it's not because if anything but because I used to see great wonders like winning battles and the rest. 

But I got tired at some point because all those good and beautiful dream about victory is not happening in real Life. 

If you are in this case, then something is happening. 

There are two things you need to note. 

Your dreams are stuck up in the past glory, may be you used to be good in something or somewhere, your dream is stuck and it grow bigger in what you used to be good at doing. 


You are dreaming of the future which may take 20 years to become a reality because if the life challenges you are facing presently. 

What you need to do is to match up your life with your dream, you need to dream of something that will address your current situation and offers solution. 

This is the task, it would take you a tour, a new path to clear those rubbish and make your life an easy on. 

Am a spiritual guidance, I can guide you through all the journeys and phases you have to face to make sure you live in the present and you dream a reality. 

There is no point dreaming of becoming rich and something blocks it off. 

Wake up. 

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