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Uses of candle in Egbe Orun by AJE NLA

Uses of candle in Egbe Orun by AJE NLA 

If they do Egbe Orun initiation for you and it doesn't involve candle, just know that it's fake.

Candles are use in Egbe Orun meetings as light and it also have many spiritual significant in Egbe Orun. 

There is a spirit called light in the spiritual realm, Egbe Orun uses the spirits essence by lighting candle in their Egbe Orun abode and Egbe Orun house. 

It is imperative and important that each member of Egbe Orun lights candle every night of meetings, every night that they would be having meetings because this candle will light their path and lead them to where the meetings would take place. 

I can't talk much than this but If you want to do correct Egbe Orun initiation and after initiation I AJE NLA would me mentoring you on how to explore and grow in Egbe Orun which I know you can't find or taught by anyone. 

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