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What would happen to you when you die as IFA initiate?

What would happen to you when you die as IFA initiate? 

Some people are thinking may be we IFA initiate are going to hell because they don't believe in Jesus. 

IFA talks about reincarnation, the end of one life signify the beginning of another life. 

Once you are iNitiated into IFA there is a place for you after you die. 

Though everyone would be judge in OBATALA court in front of all the Orisa. Your evil deed and good deed would be weigh and that would result in what your next life would be. 

You might incarnated as a slave or poor person if you didn't use life very well. 

You have two choice once you are pure and did well as an IFA initiate while you are alive, so when you die you can be following your favourite Orisa as an escort, or servant and grow more in spirit or you can choose to continue the journey of birth, rebirth and death. 

Most people who are after spiritual growth prefer to work close with an assigned Orisa and fulfil their destiny of becoming an Orisa. 

There is no hell anywhere. 

IFA is the way. 

If you have a million questions, I would be more than happy to answer you. 

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