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Who is AJE NLA

Who is AJE NLA 

AJE NLA is a spiritual traveller who travels in the spiritual realm of the Orisa and bring wisdom, information and ideas from them. 

AJE NLA started his life based on interest in spiritual realm and it's study and now he is a Babalawo after being trained by OBATALA himself. 

He owns . out of AJE NLA love for the Orisa he created the blog to share and write on all the Orisa that ever existed and walked the earth. 

AJE NLA shared few insight to some challenging questions and he sometimes withhold information because of those who would use it for selfish interest and reasons. 

He wasn't born AJE NLA, he work hard to earn that name, his birth name was olusegun and he is a graduate of FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE in ABEOKUTA. 

The Orisa are not the means to an end, he was called to this work as a Babalawo and not because he wanted to make money or names for himself and that is why he was trained by all the Orisa, and put in OLOKUN instruction. 

AJE NLA has a few clients all over the world and he is very strict in rules and divination .

His charge is very high and he would tell you, the money make from the Orisa must be giving back to them without holding anything back. 

He teaches and loved small children, he has school in the spiritual realm where he teaches children on what he has learnt and on the physical he teaches as part time because of his love for children. 

This Article is written by AJE NLA (whatsapp +2347031178647).For the following:::

IFA consultation and Divination

Egbe Orun initiation

Appeasement of Egbe Orun

Yes and No questions

Feeding of Ori (inner head)

Feeding of ORISA


Solutions to Problems



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