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Why are there many poor people despite many churches and Mosque, despite many prayers?

Why are there many poor people despite many churches and Mosque, despite many prayers? 

This question was inspired by a very beautiful woman, one of my friend and friends of this Orisa blog. 

Some people think it is those who God loved that are rich, or those who are lucky hence they want to live and die in the church in order to win God's love. 

But the truth is that God never hates anyone. 

God didn't create money, man created Money. 

God don't give material things but spiritual gift... 

God give wisdom, foresight, insight etc which when you applied or followed would generate and give you money. 

Gift of OLODUMARE are not material.

Those people who had money might not be natural from OLODUMARE, you don't know their source of wealth, so many people are rich but not happy. 

Rich people have one thing they nurse and spend money on, they wish their money can solve their problem but it can't. 

Steve jobs with all his money & wealth could not buy perfect health. He spent soo much trying to cure cancer &  He still died in his 50s of cancer .

To be prosperous, you need to have peace of mind. You don't have to be billionaire, the problem is that people are greedy, they want the world for them selves and they are impatience.

To be rich, applies what OLODUMARE give you and you will be rich, started with contentment... 

This article was inspired by Mrs Aridunnu

That's not her name, just something to catch your attention. 

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