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Why you need to have your bath early in the morning and daily

Why you need to have your bath early in the morning and daily 

Early morning bath goes beyond using soap and spunch to clean your bodies of dirtiness. 

Early morning bath means you are washing away yesterday off from your body and ready for the days blessing and whatever the day has for you. 

Early morning bath means you wash off yesterday's energies in and around you. 

Spirits and Orisa does not like people who doesn't take their bath daily and early. 

Having a late bath or irregular bath night have a side effects on you spiritually because once you wake up in the morning, you become unclean and this night prevent some spirits from working with you but the moment you wake up early and bath, you would keep some spirit with you who will work hard for your progress. 

Some people would not take a bath till evening or after some days, you are having or going to be having energies if previous days in you

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