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Woman were the first to be created - Full details

Woman were the first to be created 

I read and read the Bible and I know at an instance that it is full of lies. 

The Bible says men were the first to be created which is False. 

If you visit OBATALA temple in heaven and you are given the scroll to read, or if you have opportunity of visiting the Orisa and learn from them, then you will know the truth and it would set you free. 

The first element created were female elements. 

The first energy created were feminine energy. 


Female energy have the capacity and authority to create and that is why nature is always refers to as a mother. 

We say mother earth., we likewise always say Mother Nature.. 

Have not heard anything like father nature, most things created were attributed as a woman.  Why? 

I have explained above, they were the first to be created.

Some religion like the Kemet etc believe that God himself was a woman. I don't want to comment on it because I believe God is in everything he created, we have his essence. 

From the Female, others were created. 

All the stories read about in the Bible and other journals are all lies and Fake. 

So respect a woman, they were the first to be created by OLODUMARE. 

I am AJE NLA, I speak and write from another heaven and dimensions, supervised by my father OBATALA and ORUNMILA under the strict training of OLOKUN (My godfather and mentor). 

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