Friday, November 24, 2023

Yoruba Tradition wait for the return of no Saviour

"- Indians have been waiting for Kalki for 3700 years.

- Buddhists have been waiting for Maitreya for 2600 years.

- The Jews have been waiting for the Messiah for 2500 years.

- Christians have been waiting for Jesus for 2000 years.

- Sunnah waits for Prophet Issa 1400 years.

- Muslims have been waiting for a messiah from the lineage of Muhammad for 1300 years.

- The Shiites have been waiting for Mandi for 1080 years.

- The Drussians have been waiting for Hamza ibn Ali for 1000 years.

African spirituality waits for no one.

Most religions embrace the idea of a “savior” and declare that the world will remain filled with evil until that Savior comes and fills it with goodness and righteousness.

Maybe our problem on this planet is people expect someone else to come and solve their problems instead of doing them"


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