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Your wife / GF might be roots of your problem

Your wife / GF might be roots of your problem 

While many of us are married just because we are in love, to be married is not just about love. 

Many ladies have been used in their youth or when they think they are enjoying life at their best, yet they don't know they have been used. 

Few of them knew about it but they just love to infect someone else with their problem so the person would be stuck to them and they can go about together looking for solution. 

Many girls carries sugar dad who sleep with them in their school days, many girls are after young boys who are richer than their father, they don't care to ask. They just want to have fun. 

And so, all the glory and goodness in their Life gave been wipe off. They are dump because they have nothing else to offer and you think you gave seen a wife or girlfriend? 

You marry her and things go sour, this is the source of your problem. 

Some ladies have not done their Egbe Orun initiation and you want to get married  they would not allow that marriage to be happy. 

You have to do your Egbe Orun initiation to have a good and sweet marriage. 

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