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A strapped baby must never fall from it's mother's back In Yoruba Land - Read the consequences


Fact about Yorùbá people: A strapped baby must never fall from it's mother's back.

It  is an  abomination  in Yorùbá land for a baby  to  fall  from  its mother’s back. 

 It  is believed that if  a  male  child  falls  from  its mother’s back,  he  will always lose his wife  at  adulthood,  while for a female,  she  will  always  have a lover die atop  her  when  she  grows up.

If a baby does  fall  from  its mother’s back, the  mother is  expected  to carry  out  some  rituals to  prevent evil  from  happening to  the  child  when it  grows.

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