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ALARINA and their roles in Yoruba wedding

The marriage process in the Yoruba land starts right after a young man has made a choice of the woman he desires. 

His parents’ appoints somebody simply called "ALARINA"(middleman or a chaperon),

     The ALARINA, gets  into the family of the woman in question, by getting to investigate to find out whether the lady’s family background was compatible with that of the young man, if there is a history of genetic diseases and in the lady’s family and to determine the kind of reputation she has.

If the ALARINA disapproves of the girl, further plans are cancelled and the couple can no longer be wedded as husband and wife.

  However if the ALARINA approves the union, the families move to the next stage, which is to arrange an informal meeting, usually only families are invited, where the two families meet each as prospective in-laws for the first time. This meeting called "mo mi'n mo'e" (introduction), is usually either at the bride's home.

It is at this meeting they made their courting known to the family, and they fix a date for the main engagement. At this meeting, the groom's family is also presented with a list of items which form part of the dowry to be paid at the engagement ceremony, this list is called "Eru iyawo".

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