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Begging the elders go beyond begging physically

Begging the elders go beyond begging physically

As a confirm babalawo that knows the rules and laws of the universe, I don't  interfere in a lot of things .

After consultation for clients and it shows that they must beg the elders, I always advise them to beg the elders by themselves since they are the one that offend the elders.

This is because I know after doing the physical begging of the elders using ekuru or whatever the elders demand from the client,they would still go or be summon in the spiritual realm to come and redo the begging .

In most cases, the plea in the spiritual is not always accepted because  the client would not be pure enough to plea from the bottom of their heart and might not know how to praise the elders their favourite name praises .

I don't like doing beging the elders for people because people are always ingrate and would never understand what it takes to beg the elders, people always believe they have paid you and you must get it done in all means.

I don't collect money for begging elders because I know If you collect 1M for begging the elders,you must give all the money to the elders unless they said other wise.

Elders money is untouchable,no point in collecting money . So the best thing is to tell the client to do it their selves .

Once you are summon by the elders in the spirit and they see how pure and they see that you are begging from your heart, they would forgive you.

Most people just want to beg ,they never beg from their heart hence the reason why they beg the elders for years and the elders never answer them.


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