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Being an IFA priest is not by Choice - AJE NLA


Being an IFA priest is not by Choice - AJE NLA

I am sorry to say but it is nothing but the truth.

Many people have come to me for knowledge, some even said they want to be my disciple / apprentice but I don't know what to tell them because I just snub them as if they never existed .

Not because I don't know what to tell them but because even if I tell them the truth they would not believe me.

This blog is my Journal, my personal experiences in Life (what life has put me through in the past), experience with Life ( what am feeling and seeing presently), experience with spirituality , experience dealing with the Orisa .

I know I might forget, hence I created this blog to write them out as it happened.

If you noticed very well, 90% of the content are what I have witnessed and experience, not just a false tale in a book.

This blog was created to document all the existing Orisa has I goes beyond this physical world to the world's of the Orisa. I know we have more than a thousand Orisa and am trying to document them all in my journal and I must say,it's not easy and have not even started.

Going back to the title of this post and main reason for writing this, being a babalawo sometimes doesn't come from your choice .

It is based on Selection from above.

Last year I wasn't a babalawo and the year before last year I wasn't a babalawo, even though I have started this spiritual journey for quiet some time. I never for once have interest in being a babalawo, I just want to create a blog and share my knowledge with people so that they can know the truth and difference. So that anywhere they go, they would know if it's legit or not.

It wasn't my choice at all to be a babalawo, if it was left to me,I would nots choose this part.

But it chooses me, am not an hungry fellow looking to dupe people or make a living out of this.

While walking my path on Yoruba tradition, I tried to be an anti colonial etc (etc as in religion and all the colonial master brings) , this issue has a lot of weight such that I was taken to court in the spiritual realm in the presence of a million orisa .

You can search this blog on my visit to OBATALA temple .

My punishment was severe that I can't hear a dime for days just trying to live a normal life during those punishment period.

After my punishment, I was recalled back and giving a task. A task between life and death and I have to make a choice, I have to let go of everything and be focused , I have to be my own by myself, not following the pressure or Bowing for the pressure or whatsoever. It's a tough one and the training was very strict .

I don't join the trends of people that abuses other religion or people's way of life or abuses the elders or join anything or any group etc because I have learnt my lesson and I have seen it all.

Am just a man with the universal force that I don't need any other forces neither do I need any group or cult or fraternity to be who I am and I am not joining any cult or group or fraternity, I am not joining anyone or anything because I already have what I needed and am not looking for what is not lost.

To be Powerful such that the world would bend to your will, you have to be chosen and to be chosen you have to be pure and not wanting anything in Life but peace of Mind.

A friend of mine (ERINLE) said people don't want to have a relationship with OLODUMARE and the Orisa, they just want to have them so that they could place their million request before them.


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