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Can egbe orun Be done in my absence?


Can egbe orun Be done in my absence?

IFA is advancing as the world is advancing.


They can do your egbe orun outer initiation for you in your absence.

If you are in a far place like abroad, there is a way they would do it for you and you would feel it, see your egbe orun and be allowed back inside your egbe orun.

IFA has giving us permission to do this because IFA could understand that some people are far away from home, some people just found out who they are, some people just develop interest in IFA .

Yes ,your egbe orun can be done in your absence.

In as much as they can consult IFA for you in your absence, what is egbe orun that can't be done in your absence.

Note that Egbe Orun is different from IFA initiation, to do IFA initiation you have to be there because it involve some rituals which my mouth can't talk about.

Am OLUWO AJE NLA +2347031178647  I can consult and find out which egbe orun you belong to and I can as well do your egbe orun initiation for you, after your egbe orun initiation I would guide you on how to grow Spiritually with your new found family and egbe orun.


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