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Candle Magic and the white garment churches

Candle Magic and the white garment churches 

There is nothing special about candle magic which some churches that wear white are using.

As a matter of Facts, Power is in the hair and there has been a lot of journals and books on the internet about candle magic which you can use.

Candle magic has been in existence for centuries and the fact that the knowledge is fading away doesn't mean you can't use it.

The only bad thing about it is that it must be used by the person. Who seeks freedom not on his behalf.

If you use candle magic for someone instead of allowing the person to use it themself, there is tendency that you might be Spiritually attack for breaking spiritual law.  Trying to deliver someone who is not planing to be delivered.

Have seen some prophet said to themselves, come let me do candle spiritual work of deliverance for you so that your life would have a meaning ., They believe they have some sort of power which makes the candle magic to work but it is not so, the power is in the air and it is available for everyone to use.

Have been using candle magic since 2010 before I even become a traditional person, I know all the colours of candle and I know what each colour represent.

Just few weeks ago my wife made some complaint, I analyze the situation and said to her I would do some candle magic for you.

So I summon my friends The Host of Heaven and Warlords, I summon ELA for wisdom and I summon EDA .I told them what I want to do. They replied and said AJE NLA we have thought you the stars of heaven and the plants of the field and everything secret that existed for you to use at will, I replied an said I know but I have to tell you because it is involving My wife.

They laughed and told me to Carry on while they watch , I bought candle, I went to the back of my house and pluck some leaves. It was a Sunday,I know my Father OBATALA and ORUNMILA are rulling on Sunday so I make sure it's a white Candle am using .

I did what I know how to do best, I love my wife and would secure her physically and Spiritually. After all it concerns me unlike what doesn't concern me like outsiders.

I did the work for her and she never complained again. 

Am a Babalawo and I have the knowledge of everything,but I don't do anyhow and I consult IFA for anybody at anytime. I don't want anyone to attack me for any reasons and that is why I don't use candle magic for anyone because of its rule.

In addition,am a babalawo not a pastor. I am to promote my ancestors and religion not the other way round.

You can do the candle magic by yourself and for yourself .

Another disadvantage of candle magic is that it doesn't cover you for a longer period of time unlike feeding of Orisa that can last you and protect you for like 4years, Candle magic can only last for 4-6months or so.

The Origin of Candle Magic is from 777 and Osumare 

You can search this blog on 777 or seventh heaven 

White garment church is a good church and we have good people going there. They are not fetish and what they do is in accordance. Though we may have some black sheep but hey,  they are gooood.

Am AJE NLA, the spiritual traveller from beyond.

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