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Difference between death and sleep

Difference between death and sleep 

There are no much difference between death and sleep because both death and sleep are brothers. 

They are so difficult to identify and understand but I will give you a clear difference between death and sleep

When you sleep, your soul leaves the body and goes into another world and realm of existence, if you have one or two battles to fight, your soul would go into the battle field and fight. 

Many of what happens while you sleep is not going to be known to you because there are some blind spot that your mind would not want you to see or know because of the details involved which might hurt you or cause harm. 

That is why many dream details are filtered by your mind to soothe your level of understanding. 

When you sleep, it goes beyond seeing your neighbor etc. All these are masked and the real culprit is hidden because you might not be happy with what you would see. 

The soul and spirit has the power to return to your body, when your soul return to your body, you wake up. 

The reason why you soul can return to your body is simply because your body is still intact, your body is still in good shape, your body is not spoilt and not an abomination for your soul. This is why your soul can come back to your body. 

There is this Magnetism that pull and join the soul together, once the body is spoilt or injured, the magnetic attraction between the soul and the body would be damaged. 

That is why some people would go into coma pending the time this magnet would be repaired. 

And some people's soul would not be able to get back inside their body because of spiritual attacks that would cause a permanent damage to their body, spoiling this magnet permanently beyond repair. 

In this case, the soul cannot return to the body. 

Such person is dead. 

The soul would linger and wait beside the dead body hoping to enter back into it. The soul would wait with the body until the person is buried. 

That is why if you go to hospitals where there are dead bodies or morgue, you will see a lot of souls or spirit staying outside looking after their body. 

The dead person would still be thinking he/she is still sleeping. 

And all that is happening in the real world will be a dream to him/her.

I always encourage people to explore heaven when they are alive, participate in Egbe Orun initiation, do your IFA initiation, fast and be pure so that the secret of the world would be revealed to you while you are alive. 

Some people would promise you heaven, how would you tell that you are in heaven when all you would be thinking when you are dead is that,  you won't even know that you are dead, all you will be thinking is that it's a dream. 

But this is a life time dream, till the body decay and loose grab of reality .

When someone died, after the burial the soul is free of the bond between the soul and the body. 

The soul goes to the next step and continue the journey. 

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