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Different species of women

Difference species of woman

I bet you didn't know this until now.

This article was inspired by one of my friends and family from other world Miss Y (letter Why) , in the course of our discussion she unveil it .

I thought I needed to let you guys know because I know deep within you, you would find some truth in it .

There are so many species of woman, though have been wanting to write about it for a long time but it wasn't coming. Am not a woman, even though I have the energy of a woman within and all around me OLUWO AJE NLA.+2347031178647 (

I could see and feel the Presence of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO all around me. They are the female energy that balance the world we live in today.

I am not a womanizer I couldn't have experience all the specie of woman that ever existed but I can say that I have an experience of a snake woman during my Farm practical year in Odogbolu.

In that year in Odogbolu I met this indigenous woman who seem to be friendly and loving, according to background check it was proven that she hardly say No to any man , I don't like that kind of woman. 

A woman who is too free with almost every dick in town. I just happened to found myself around her anyway. 

She doesn't always pick the call, she allowed the phone to ring and ring before she eventually pick it up, I don't know her reasons for doing that but she was enjoying her moment because she feels special and needed. So she thought.

Not having the female energy and No friend, I live a solitary life and I said to myself - My academy is almost over, can I have a gig ?

Back to the story, I persuade this girl to come which she came,the move was going smoothly , the match was about to start when suddenly she stood up, she said she was coming and I never see her again .

I don't know why she left in a hurry or what was chasing her, all I know is that I was kind of protected by something I can't figure out or what power because after she left that day I had a dream overnight where I saw what she really is.. A snake that put poison in your soul and Life. She never come back and I never see her again.

Her phone was switched off forever.

Something must have stopped her but I don't know because she couldn't finish her mission.

With the permission of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, I have decided to write it out .

Fear woman because not all are pure .

Species of woman are the following

I can't write on them, I don't think I need to expose them.

Snake species 

Dog species 

Fish species 

Ebora/ Tormenting spirit species

Unknown species - these are woman who doesn't know or have no idea of where they come from 

I am my humble self OLUWO AJE NLA.

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