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Egbe Bibo

Egbe Bibo

Everyone has their way of doing things and we can't say anything bad about it, if it's working for them why should we say otherwise about it?

Some people have Orisa egbe ,they believe you have to feed it yearly to appeal your egbe orun.

Once they do your egbe orun for you,they created orisa egbe for you and you will be responsible for feeding it yearly and Incase you are far away, you can be sending the money to take care of your orisa egbe for you.

This is some people's way of doing things.

I AJE NLA would say otherwise .

Now let's roll with AJE NLA

Once you do your egbe orun initiation, you really don't have much do to on the physical anymore .

Your attention should be on the spiritual aspect of your Life .

In the spiritual, you will see your egbe orun.

Each egbe orun has their Patron ORISA which they have their shrine in their egbe .

Once you have done your egbe orun initiation, whatever is needed are done in the spiritual.

The only thing you can do is to have a small altar in your room where you can be dropping some cash for your egbe orun.

In egbe orun, we used to have parties every months or everyday or every two months interval depending on the leader and the egbe orun.

In the egbe orun,there would be enough orisa for you as a member .

This is the natural and olden ways of doing it.

Having orisa egbe and someone feeding it make me ask if they are in the same egbe orun as you or  may be they followed you there and know because egbe orun are secretive, they don't share anything about their egbe with a non member..

Everyone knows how they do their thing .

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