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Eru iyawo Nile Yoruba (Example of Marriage Iist in Yoruba)

Yoruba people don't sell off their children unlike other tribes .

Here is a simple marriage list which may be a format but doesn't mean it is what must be requested by the bride family.

Just a sample 

1. 42 big tubers of yam’
2. Palm oil and vegetable oil (25 liters)
3. Honey (1 big  bottle)
4. Kolanut (called OBI, 25 pieces)
5. Bitter Kola (called OROGBO)
6. Alligator pepper (called ATARE , 42 pieces)

7. Sugar cane
8. Fruits (different types)’
9. Cow or goa
10. Salt
11. Alcoholic drinks
12. The bride price (called OWO ORI)
13. Dried fish (called EJA OSAN, 42 pieces)

14. 1 dish of peppered corn meal (adun)
15.  4 crates of canned or bottled soft drinks
16.  4 crates of malt non alcoholic drink
17.  2 bottles of non alcoholic wine
18.  2 cartons of fruit juice
19.  1 bag of rice

20.  1 umbrella
21.  1 big suitcase that contains shoes and matching bags, different types of fabric ranging from Ankara to lace, including gele and aso oke for the bride.
22.  1 complete jewelry set with wrist watch, earrings and neck chains
23.  Engagement ring
24.  Bible or Quran

The bride price is not fixed and it's usually returned to the couple on the day of the wedding in the presence of everyone

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