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Ewé Ṣún (Herbs, plant and trees sleeping)

Ewé Ṣún (Herbs, plant and trees sleeping)

Plants, though lacking human sleep patterns, exhibit their own rhythms and behaviors.

 The Yoruba proverb "Ewé ṣún" encapsulates this ancient wisdom, suggesting that plants, too, experience a form of rest or reduced activity after sunset and come alive with the dawn.

In the intricate tapestry of Yoruba culture, this saying reflects a profound understanding of plant behavior based on careful environmental observation. Plants, like beings with circadian rhythms, subtly shift their activity levels.

Leaves may close or relax, mirroring a botanical slumber as night falls and vitality returns with the morning sun.

This natural ballet of branches and leaves isn't merely aesthetic; it's an ingenious adaptation.

The morning ritual of returning to a normal position, taking about three hours, allows trees to optimize sunlight absorption, fueling their essential processes.

Yoruba ancestors, keenly attuned to their surroundings, recognized the nuances of plant life.

This wisdom, passed through generations, underpins the timing of plant harvests in various stages of their life cycles. 

The interconnectedness of environment and plant behavior became a guide, a testament to the Yoruba people's profound understanding of the natural world.

Awakening plants in Yoruba culture involves more than meets the eye. Water, a symbol of life and vitality, is used to rekindle sensitivity. Tapping a plant thrice can trigger an immediate response, an ancient form of communication with the botanical realm.

Words and incantations are spoken, weaving a spiritual connection that activates the latent potentials within plants.

In delving into these practices, it becomes evident that Yoruba mystical traditions are a blend of science and spirituality.

The ancestors were, in essence, natural scientists, exploring the intricacies of the world around them. Investigating and embracing these traditions opens a gateway to understanding the profound depth of Yoruba culture.

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