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Hidden Truth about Yoruba child naming

Yorùbá personal names are particularly revealing. They amuse, shock, outrage, enlighten, ennoble, and empower.

These names carry specific cultural information about the societal values, philosophical thoughts, worldview, religious systems, and beliefs of the people.

The Yorùbá axiom ''òòró Ilé, ibú Ilé, làá wò ká tóó somo lórúko '' which translates literally as the length and breadth of the house (i.e circumstances surrounding the child's birth) are normal considered before a child is named, sums up the value that the Yorùbá people attach to the cultural relevance of their names.

In other words, Yorùbá personal name usually reflect the hopes, fear, aspirations, and wishes of the biological parents of the child and those of the extended family members such as grandparents.

(Olatunji 1984:68).consequently, the Yorùbá people painstakingly observe the circumstances surrounding the conception, the expectant mothers experiences during pregnancy and at delivery, the posture of the child at birth, and the prevailing conditions in the family during the time of arrival of the newborn. 

The results of their observations are then encapsulated in the name(s) for the child.

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